CSI Code of Ethics and Policy

Probity, independence, integrity, transparency, objectivity, confidentiality, reliability and responsibility: these are the key words that underpin our Code of Ethics and our Policies of impartiality, quality, environment, occupational health and safety and information security

IMQ Group is a third-party conformity assessment body operating both in Italy, its home nation, and around the world. IMQ Group carries out its activities against a rapidly and continuously changing institutional, economic, political, social and cultural backdrop. To successfully tackle the complexity of the situations in which IMQ Group operates, it is vital for the company to have a clearly defined set of values that guide its decisions and set its standards. The most important of these are:

  • integrity and fairness in the performance of its services,
  • rigorous compliance with the laws, regulations and technical standards in force in the countries it works in,
  • timely fulfilment of the obligations accruing to it as a result of contracts and other sources of private law,
  • separation of powers, whereby each business process must adhere to the principle of independence of the various company functions; operating procedures and specific control activities are therefore in place to ensure that no single operator has control of an entire company process,
  • compliance with powers of attorney, according to which all action must be taken exclusively by the persons empowered to take it; and powers of signature and authorisation must be consistent with the organisational responsibilities assigned,
  • verifiability, in the sense that every action, operation and transaction must be verifiable, documented, coherent and consistent, based on complete, documented information,
  • professional ethics, under which personnel carry out their tasks and duties with the highest degree of professional and moral responsibility,
  • strict independence and objectivity both in the performance of conformity assessment activities, and in the management of relations with entities requesting these activities and with third parties.
Tool to certify, though an official recognized third-party body endorsement, that the company is compliant to the requirement... Tool to certify the capability of an organization to gain and maintain steadily, service standard declared to the public... Formal act of a third-party body that certify the conformity of the product technical reference documents, marketing deed to enhance and diversify the product... For years the training offered by IMQ group represented a point of reference for professional development and the update of freelance and employees. Second and third-party, inspections and testing: expert auditors capable to understand the situation of the company... CSI has over 50 years of experience. CSI is a part of IMQ Group, made up of companies specialized in different sectors and activities. CSI adds to the certification of products, processes and services, laboratory activities specialized on a great range of product categories. CSI is a brand and a partner known internationally, treasured member of the main international regulatory working groups. All the IMQ Group personnel is bound to professional secrecy. CSI technicians use English as their main language and French and German in the correspondence outside Italy. CSI builds testing and certification services based on the needs of the client. CSI has several international accreditations as a testing laboratory and a certification body.