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Joining IMQ Group means joining a work environment where the importance and centrality of human resources is fully recognised in everything we do. People play a strategic and essential role in driving the growth of our Group.

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Tool to certify, though an official recognized third-party body endorsement, that the company is compliant to the requirement... Tool to certify the capability of an organization to gain and maintain steadily, service standard declared to the public... Formal act of a third-party body that certify the conformity of the product technical reference documents, marketing deed to enhance and diversify the product... For years the training offered by IMQ group represented a point of reference for professional development and the update of freelance and employees. Second and third-party, inspections and testing: expert auditors capable to understand the situation of the company... CSI brand is valuable tool to enhance your brand and distinguish your products on the market, as an epitome of safety and quality. CSI brand assures that the product, before it reaches the market, has been subjected to all the needed test to verify the compliance to the standards’ requirements by a third-party body. CSI brand means also safeguard for the makers in terms of protection for damage caused by a defected product. Product certified by CSI are easily exportable, because of the relationship and the support of other European and international certification bodies.