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Tool to certify, though an official recognized third-party body endorsement, that the company is compliant to the requirement... Tool to certify the capability of an organization to gain and maintain steadily, service standard declared to the public... Formal act of a third-party body that certify the conformity of the product technical reference documents, marketing deed to enhance and diversify the product... For years the training offered by IMQ group represented a point of reference for professional development and the update of freelance and employees. Second and third-party, inspections and testing: expert auditors capable to understand the situation of the company... CSI has over 50 years of experience. CSI is a part of IMQ Group, made up of companies specialized in different sectors and activities. CSI adds to the certification of products, processes and services, laboratory activities specialized on a great range of product categories. CSI is a brand and a partner known internationally, treasured member of the main international regulatory working groups. All the IMQ Group personnel is bound to professional secrecy. CSI technicians use English as their main language and French and German in the correspondence outside Italy. CSI builds testing and certification services based on the needs of the client. CSI has several international accreditations as a testing laboratory and a certification body.