Recycled, Recyclable and High-Performance Materials and Products Certification

This is a series of certifications that aim to provide companies with innovative and voluntary tools that are useful and preparatory to compliance with environmental regulatory requirements and, where applicable, to the performance upgrading of products defined by specific standards. The voluntary nature of these tools allows companies to demonstrate to the market (customers, users and consumers) their diligence towards improving the environmental impact of their products and guaranteeing the level of performance.

The auditable features are:

  • Presence of recycled material
  • Material recyclability 
  • Water solubility
  • Specific performance for use ("high performance" products; e.g. bags for the removal of goods distributed in retail, for waste collection - flat laminates in reinforced polyester, etc.)
  • By-products
  • SRMs (secondary raw materials)
  • Certification procedure
  • Detail of products and brands available.


FSC® CoC Chain of Custody Certification 

FSC CoC certification is a system that allows material, whether directly from the forest or recycled, to be traced from source to finished product, thus giving the guarantee that the product comes from a certified forest, managed in a controlled footprint or from recycled material.

In addition to wood, non-wood forest products - such as wild berries, truffles and mushrooms - can also be certified if they come from certified forests. On the other hand, services such as tourism and sports, wildlife, air and water are currently not certifiable. 

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Verification of an Ecosystem Service Impact

Ecosystem services can be defined as the benefits that people obtain from ecosystems, even in the face of management activities that contribute to their maintenance or improvement. These benefits include different aspects among which it is possible to mention the conservation and restoration of the natural characteristics of forests and biodiversity, the regeneration and storage of carbon stocks, the maintenance and improvement of water quality and the regulation of water flow, the regeneration and improvement of soil conditions as well as the conservation and improvement of areas intended for tourist and recreational activities.

Currently, it is possible for an organization to highlight the positive impacts of its forest management on ecosystems if in possession of an FSC® forest management certificate, through an extension of this certification.

CSI can issue both FSC forest certification and extend the latter to verify the positive impacts of management activities on ecosystem services.

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PEFC CoC Sustainable Forest Management Products Certification

With PEFC CoC certification, companies and organisations can guarantee that the products, they sell, come from sustainably managed, controlled forests or recycled materials: wood can be certified, but also non-timber forest products.

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Examination of the application and documentation sent by the Company, listed in the "Special rules" specific to the product to be certified. Any deficiencies and significant deviations from the requirements, found at this stage, will be communicated so that the appropriate changes can be introduced before the assessment visit is carried out. Upon request, CSI will appoint an inspector to visit the organisation to verify the conformity of the product, process or service. If the results of the visit include non-conformities or observations, a corrective action plan will be required to meet the requirements for the issue of the product certificate. After all the non-conformities that may have emerged from the assessment visit have been passed, and after the positive outcome of the laboratory tests, certification will be granted. The issue of the certificate will be followed by surveillance visits to verify that compliance is being maintained. The frequency of surveillance visits and laboratory tests, if any, is fixed by the special rules applicable. The certification shall have the validity defined in the specific special rules, on expiry the contract shall be deemed to be tacitly renewed unless terminated by one of the two contracting parties 4 (four) months before the expiry date. Tool to enhance the agri-food and forestry sectors, increasing market confidence... Tool to certify the capability of an organization to gain and maintain steadily, service standard declared to the public... Formal act of a third-party body that certify the conformity of the product technical reference documents, marketing deed to enhance and diversify the product... For years the training offered by IMQ group represented a point of reference for professional development and the update of freelance and employees. Second and third-party, inspections and testing: expert auditors capable to understand the situation of the company... CSI brand is valuable tool to enhance your brand and distinguish your products on the market, as an epitome of safety and quality. CSI brand assures that the product, before it reaches the market, has been subjected to all the needed test to verify the compliance to the standards’ requirements by a third-party body. CSI brand means also safeguard for the makers in terms of protection for damage caused by a defected product. Product certified by CSI are easily exportable, because of the relationship and the support of other European and international certification bodies.