FSC® CoC Chain of Custody Certification

Chain of Custody Certification Services

FSC CoC certification is a system that allows the material, whether sourced directly from the forest or recycled, to be traced from the source to the end product, thus providing a guarantee that the product comes from a certified, footprint-managed forest or recycled material.

"FSC® CoC: a brand for products from certified forests"

In addition to wood, non-wood forest products can also be certified - such as wild berries, truffles and mushrooms - if they come from certified forests, while services such as those related to tourism and sport, fauna, air and water are not currently certified. 

A producer who chooses to certify their FSC CoC products can count on:

  • better access to markets due to the greater propensity of consumers, retailers and traders to sell and buy certified products
  • the credible guarantee not to use illegally cut timber and paper
  • the possibility of evaluating one's own Social Responsibility, improving one's image and the sector's image
  • the communication of one's choice to work and / or market products from certified forests thanks to a logo applicable to the product and administrative material - such as invoices - and advertising
  • greater opportunities to access public contracts, in whose specifications the use of wood from certified forests is increasingly included
  • a marketing tool for acquiring new customers and retaining those already acquired
  • a means of entering markets such as publishing, cosmetics and herbal medicine, where the demand for certified products increases daily.

CSI with the ICILA brand can also issue both FSC and PEFC certifications, giving companies a single point of contact and thus saving on certification costs.

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Tool to enhance the agri-food and forestry sectors, increasing market confidence... Tool to certify the capability of an organization to gain and maintain steadily, service standard declared to the public... Formal act of a third-party body that certify the conformity of the product technical reference documents, marketing deed to enhance and diversify the product... For years the training offered by IMQ group represented a point of reference for professional development and the update of freelance and employees. Second and third-party, inspections and testing: expert auditors capable to understand the situation of the company...