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Quality System

Quality System

CSI S.p.A. is accredited by ACCREDIA, the Italian accreditation Body, in relation to its business areas: Certification, Inspection and Testing Laboratories.
The accreditation certifies the competence and impartiality of personnel, independence in the execution of its activities over the adequacy of the instrumentation and equipment owned, as well as compliance with the requirements, respectively, of the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17021 and UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17065 with regard to the certification body, the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17020 for the inspection body, and the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 for testing laboratories (the complete list of services covered by accreditation is available on the website www.accredia.it).

ACCREDIA accreditation is recognized:
•  in the states of the European Community and EFTA in the framework of the mutual recognition (MLA) signed by ACCREDIA and other accreditation bodies that are members of EA (European co-operation for Accreditation);
•  worldwide under the International Mutual Recognition Multilateral arrangement (IAF-ILAC arrangement) signed by ACCREDIA and by accreditation bodies that are members of IAF (International Accreditation Forum) and ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation).

ACCREDIA official website

CSI S.p.A. is accredited also by ASI, Accreditation Body for environmental standards systems such as the Forest Stewardship Council®(FSC®) -Trademark License Code FSC® A000514. CSI is  Certification Body for FSC-COC (Chain of Custody) and FSC-FM (Forestry Management).
ASI oversees the correct application of a standard’s criteria for certified operations worldwide. ASI’s mission is: to safeguard the integrity of social and environmental standards by providing credible and independent assurance.

The details of CSI accreditation are verifiable on ASI website.


CSI considers the quality management is aimed at improving the performance, environmental protection, health and safety at work of its employees and the information security. These factors are a priority for the achievement of corporate objectives and thus establishes a policy for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work, Information Security and Impartiality appropriate to the nature of the processes present in CSI and to the relevance of the risks related to the activities performed.

CSI is morover fully aware that impartiality is one of the fundamental principles that must be guaranteed by a body of conformity assessment, in particular by a certification and inspection body. The management of CSI therefore formally undertook to ensure that all business activities are carried out with impartiality and that they are perceived as such by the parties concerned.

Download below the quality policy of CSI.



For any complaint or appeal related to a service provided by CSI SpA, you can send an e-mail to the following address: chiarabanfi@csi-spa.com.

We will take charge of your report and inform you about the actions to be undertaken.

The procedure for complaints and appeals will be provided upon written request to the following e-mail: chiarabanfi@csi-spa.com.

• ACCREDIA schedule of accreditation – site of Pastrengo
• ACCREDIA laboratory certificate
• ACCREDIA certificate of quality management systems
• ACCREDIA certificate of products/services
• ACCREDIA certificate of environmental management systems
• ACCREDIA certificate of inspection
• ACCREDIA schedule of accreditation – site of Bollate
• ACCREDIA certificate of occupational health and safety management systems
• Certificate UNI EN ISO 14001
• Quality, environmental health and safety, information security and impartiality policy
• ACCREDIA certificate of EMAS

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